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MEETINGS 2018-19

ALWAYS check before setting off - just in case! (All Tyle at 7.15pm unless noted.)

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And if you're not a member of 1428, but would like to go in with a Dep if you're going to be there anyway, feel free to join us - you'll be made very welcome.

Yes, we know the list seems upside down. That's so the older ones drop off the bottom, and you can see the ones still to happen!

Fri 19th April - Edinburgh Castle 1764
1764 share the same premises as us, so are easy to find. RWM Brian Wales knows his way around the carpet at Roseburn, as he's been in the Chair once already. I wonder if he'll be back in after this turn?

Fri 12th Apr - Dunedin Caritas 1316
RWM Charlie Black is another Master who's back in for another term. 1316 is a stickler for protocol and have a formal Harmony after every meeting - one of the very few in Edinburgh to do so.

Thu 28th Mar - QER (Royal Scots) 1253
Another Lodge which has moved recently. Bill Black has been RWM at Elgin House and now again in Portobello. Be warned not to park in Figgate Street, the neighbours get a little ratty!

Thu 21st Mar - Water of Leith 1267
RWM Richard Bell was installed back in November, so will have settled in to the Chair by now. If they have a real candidate going through you'll be amazed by how many questions they have to answer.

Thur 28th Feb - Journeymen Masons No8
As No8 are one of our sponsor lodges, you should have their premises etched into your memory. If not, they're at 63 Blackfriars St - and you should make every effort to be there!

Mon 25th Feb - St Leonard's Newington 1283
The epitome of recycled Masters, John Buckham (once at 1267 now in his 2nd year at 1283) and his Office-bearers will have the floor tonight. Come along to a great wee Lodge. They've even got a lift for those with arthritic knees!

Tue 19th Feb - Celtic 291
Is there a connection between 291 and 1428 you ask? There certainly is, as our RWM is one of their HMs - so he'll be looking for an excellent turn out for this Dep!

Thur 7th Feb - Services 1291
You're right - Services have moved! George Myers and the 1291 lads are now in No8's premises in Blackfriars Street. Come on down!

Mon 4th Feb - The Rifle Lodge 405
RWM John Dadds is starting something new at 405 - all Deps should be in the Temple for 7:15pm to save a little time. Let's get there sharp and see how it works!

Wed 9th Jan - The Caledonian Lodge 392
The "Original" Roseburn lodge - we won't be travelling far to visit our landlords this evening! Bro John Baird is a newly installed RWM - into his second year ;)

Wed 12th Dec - Waverley 597
John McLean is still in harness at 597 - and remember that they've moved premises. They're no longer at Elgin House, but are now in residence at Scotia Regia's halls in St Clair Place, further down Easter Rd

Tue 20th Nov - Lodge Heart of Midlothian 832
Not far to travel for this one as Hearts were at Roseburn before us. RWM Calum Robertson will be leading 832's (mostly) young team in their rendition of a 1st Degree.
(Interesting factoid - 832's 2nd Degrees are worked to finish at 8:32pm from a 7:15pm tyle.)

Mon 8th Oct - St Clair 349
Looking forward to another enjoyable evening with our Roseburn neighbours. They're ably led by RWM-in-residence Gavin Moffat, who must have been texting on his mobile at the last nomination and election of office-bearers.

Mon 24th Sep - Lodge of Light 1656
Gordon Craig is RWM once again and will be driving his hard-working team on the night. (see what I did there?) We've been neighbours for at least 33yrs - I wonder how many Deps have gone back and forward between us in that time?

Wed 19th Sep - Roman Eagle CLX
Jeff White has found a new lease of life being back in the Chair and leading the green revolution at CLX. Nothing to do with Hibs - he's another Old Master who's been recycled!

Fri 14th Sep - Kirknewton & Ratho 85
1428 hasn't been to K&R for some time, so we should definitely take the opportunity to see how RWM Mark Nevin starts off his second half. You'll find 85 at Dalmahoy Road in Ratho, and as it says on their website - we shouldn't be strangers! 7:30 Tyle

Wed 31st May - Caledonian Lodge 392
You get installed in your new Lodge on the Saturday, so guess what's lined up for your first Dep? Only the Wednesday of the next week - and it's to your Mother Lodge of course!

If you click on that wee arrow just above and to the left, you can scroll further down and see the full list of Deputations - currently our next one is 7th February to 392!


Brethren from 1428 travel far and wide on Deps and individual visits, but what's now recognised as our Annual Expedition will take place on Saturday 13th of April next year - by road to Ardrossan, and then by ferry over the Firth of Clyde to St Molios No774 in Lamlash, which was our late PM Jim Kidston's adopted lodge when he retired over there.

If you would like to come along with us - either because you've never ever been to Arran itself, never been to Lodge 774 before, or just fancy a great day out - simply get in touch for more details. It's never too early to plan ahead, you know!


Next will be Sunday 24th March - at 7.00pm

To be held at Roseburn Gardens.

Be there, make your opinion heard, and make your vote count!


Are held at 7.00pm on the Sunday before each meeting.

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