"That was a good night - I really enjoyed it."

Angus McKinnon - PGLE


"I'm looking forward to my supper and wish you all the best for the coming year."

Ewan Rutherford - PGLE


"May you go from strength to strength"

Maurice Wilson - PGLE


"Brotherly Love's a great wee lodge - I love it."

Jim Gillanders - 1316


"The Brotherly Love Burns Night? Never surpassed!"

Robert Sinclair - 226


"Just go over that bit again, son"

Jimmy Knox - 1428


"You always get the warmest of welcomes."

Roddy Henretty - CLX


"I only need the one prompt, thank you!"

John McQueen - 1428


"Affiliating to 1428 is one of the best things I've done!"

Keith Millar - 1428


"That's no the Tyler's Toast already, is it?"

Kenny Renton - 392


"That's another excellent degree tonight lads, well done."

Ronnie King - 1316


"Mind now - they pies are hot!"

Dougie Sneddon - 151


"I might affiliate next year."

David McNeill - 392


"A very good FC degree followed by a very good harmony."

Ralph Shaw - 48


more to come . . .





2010-01-21 1428 crest black
Caley address

Are held at 7.00pm on the Sunday before each meeting.





Oct 2nd - Business Meeting - No Degree 

Tonight is our AGM and Business Meeting and is for members only. Don't worry - at every other meeting we'll be delighted to welcome all of our visitors to the lodge!


Nov 6th - 2nd Degree

No1, 97, 349 and 937 have intimated that they'll be visiting us tonight. Our 2020 diaries will be ready for those who have pre-ordered them, with one or two being available on a first-come first-served option.


Dec 4th - 2nd Degree, PGL visit.

Deps from No2 and 1283 will be with us this evening. Our HM, Bro Jim Bathgate will be torn as to which one to come in with - he's a PM of both!

If there are Burns Night tickets with your name on them, they can be paid for and picked up tonight.


Jan 15th - Burns Night                          7PM TYLE

Not just any old Burns Night. This is our normally-sold-out-in-advance-so-you'd-better-be-quick-for-tickets, and not forgetting our-carefully-prepared-whisky-sauce-which-is-then-poured-really-ever-so-delicately-over-the-haggis, Burns Night!  


Pre-order your tickets in plenty time so as not to be deeply disappointed that you couldn't get a seat.


Feb 5th - 1st Degree

We'll have Deps from 392, 1253, 1267 visiting us, led by Bro's Wullie Burns, David Brannan and George Nisbet respectively


Mar 4th - 1st Degree

We have a Deputation from Lodge Dunedin Caritas 1316, ably led by their RWM, Bro Charlie Black



Apr 1st - 2nd Degree

Deps from No5, 597, 1209 and 1764



May 6th - Greetin' Meeting

Our Sponsor Lodge No8 always comes along for the Greeting Meeting. Our "clash" lodge, Roman Eagle CLX, and our neighbours 1781 will also be squeezing themselves in.



SATURDAY May 30th - Installation      3PM TYLE

2019's Installation was really busy - book your ticket in plenty time for 2020!





Watch out . . .

The above dates won't change, but sometimes a Degree or Lecture/Discussion might get juggled around to suit events and people's availability. It's fairly safe to say that proceedings will be firmed up at least a month ahead of time, but always check - just to make sure you don't miss something you were really looking forward to.



ALWAYS check before setting off - just in case! (All Tyle at 7.15pm unless noted.)


Need directions to a Lodge? Click here


Need a Yearly Meetings Planner? Click here 


And if you're not a member of 1428, but would like to go in with a Dep if you're going to be there anyway, feel free to join us - you'll be made very welcome.


Yes, we know the list seems upside down. It's so that when the older ones drop off the bottom, you can see the ones still to happen!



Mon 23rd Mar - Canongate and Leith, L&C No5

When was the last time you visited the seaside? We can put that right, right now! Come along to Lodge Canongate and Leith, Leith and Portobello and see RWM Ron Ginelli and his office-bearers putting their latest Lewis through his 3rd Degree.



Thu 19th Mar - Water of Leith 1267

George Nisbet will have had a few degrees under his belt by the time he welcomes us along to 1267. I wonder if he ever played anything by the Three Degrees in his musical career? Probably not :) Any way, there is a filling station next door, so you can do the two birds one stone thing tonight!


Thu 6th Feb - Services Lodge 1291

You're right - Services have definitely moved! George Myers and the 1291 lads have been in No8's premises in 63 Blackfriars Street for at least a year. And they're one of our Sponsor Lodges so an excellent turnout is expected for this one as well.


Wed 8th Jan - The Caledonian Lodge 392

Bro Wullie Burns, Honorary and Affiliate Member of 1428, will be in the Chair for his first meeting at Caley after being Installed in December. A massive turnout for this one please, I'm sure you'll all agree!


Fri 3rd Jan - Lodge of Freedom 4027 EC

This will be quite a special event down in Stockton-on-Tees. Our RWM's real-life and Masonic Brother, Andrew, is in the Chair of Freedom 4027. As both lodges meet on TFW it looked like they wouldn't be able to meet up as Reigning Masters, but the stars have aligned perfectly because they've changed to the 1st Friday and we're always on the 3rd Wednesday in January for our Burns Night - so some of them are coming up here for that too!


Tue 10th Dec - Trafalgar 223

Bro Charlie Liddle is the oldest RWM in town, and can show some of the younger ones what it's all about. 1428 haven't brought a Dep to 223 for quite some time, so don't miss this one! When you're there, have a look upwards to see that the ceiling is designed as an upturned boat, and if you look to the West you'll see a ship's wheel and the port and starboard lights. You'd never guess that Trafalgar was a naval lodge, would you?


Fri 8th Nov - Kirknewton and Ratho 85

We took a Dep to K&R85 in September last year for the first time in ages, and must have made a pretty good impression as they've asked us back - or maybe we've to apologise for something! Find out at 6 Dalmahoy Road in Ratho.                  7:30pm Tyle 


Mon 14th Oct - St Clair 349

Looking forward to another enjoyable evening with another of our Roseburn neighbours. They're ably led by brand-new RWM Jack Mcleod, who had probably been texting on his mobile at the last nomination and election of office-bearers, but is definitely in the Chair!                                            


Wed 18th Sept - Lodge Roman Eagle CLX

Jeff White can rightly be considered to be an Old Master. Nothing to do with him being as pretty as a picture, although he'll tell you different. He's already a PM of Dramatic and Arts, and is now RWM for a 2nd year at CLX. And loving every minute, his Past Masters told him to say! Remember that they're working a Mark, so no dinner suits.


Sat 17th Aug - Robert Burns Initiated 1781

This will be our RWM Guy's first-ever Deputation, so as many Brethren to hand as possible, thanks.  Quite a number from 1428 were Founder Members, with PM David Manclark being Founder Master, so there are definitely strong links with 1781. And they also meet in the same premises as us, so simply set the car to auto-pilot to get you here!         3pm Tyle





MEETINGS 2019-20


Brethren from 1428 travel far and wide on Deps and individual visits, but what's now recognised as our Annual Expedition *should* take place on Saturday 10th of April next year - by road to Ardrossan, and then by ferry over the Firth of Clyde to St Molios No774 in Lamlash, which was our late PM Jim Kidston's adopted lodge when he retired over there.  


If you would like to come along with us - either because you've never ever been to Arran itself, never been to Lodge 774 before, or just fancy a great day out - simply get in touch for more details. It's never too early to plan ahead, you know!


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How about supporting  our RWM Guy Moule on his visits round the province and further afield?


You can see the visits he has planned for the near future listed below.


He'll certainly appreciate your company on as many of them as you can manage.




"Remember that this list is subject to change and if Brethren would like some of us to visit a favourite Lodge of theirs, or even somewhere you've never been to before - feel free to let me know."



786X   150W

745Y   175H

sold out

Forthcoming visits . . .


Fri 3rd Jan

Lodge Freedom 4027 EC


Fri 8th Nov

Kirknewton and Ratho 85


Mon 14th Oct

St Clair 349


Fri 27th Sep

Scotia Trinity 885



Wed 18th Sep

Roman Eagle CLX


Fri 13th Sep

Dunedin Caritas 1316



Sat 18th Aug          

Burns Initiated 1781





1428 find us on facebook unnamed - big cropped 33% for events page






Next date to be advised - normally at 7.00pm

To be held at Roseburn Gardens.


Be there, make your opinion heard, and make your vote count!