"That was a good night - I really enjoyed it."

Angus McKinnon - PGLE


"I'm looking forward to my supper and wish you all the best for the coming year."

Ewan Rutherford - PGLE


"May you go from strength to strength"

Maurice Wilson - PGLE


"Brotherly Love's a great wee lodge - I love it."

Jim Gillanders - 1316


"The Brotherly Love Burns Night? Never surpassed!"

Robert Sinclair - 226


"Just go over that bit again, son"

Jimmy Knox - 1428


"You always get the warmest of welcomes."

Roddy Henretty - CLX


"I only need the one prompt, thank you!"

John McQueen - 1428


"Affiliating to 1428 is one of the best things I've done!"

Keith Millar - 1428


"That's no the Tyler's Toast already, is it?"

Kenny Renton - 392


"That's another excellent degree tonight lads, well done."

Ronnie King - 1316


"Mind now - they pies are hot!"

Dougie Sneddon - 151


"I might affiliate next year."

David McNeill - 392


"A very good FC degree followed by a very good harmony."

Ralph Shaw - 48


more to come . . .





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Based on an article by Ed King on masonicinfo.com

Because Freemasonry is a 'brotherhood', all Masons have a duty to live a moral life that will not bring discredit on the rest.


As a result, you'll need to be 'sponsored' by someone who's already a member of the Lodge you wish to join. Some jurisdictions require that you've known this person for a specified minimum period of time.


In other cases, a Mason may - after meeting with you a couple of times - come to the conclusion that you're the type of person we'd be happy to have amongst us and will offer to sponsor you.


This process is definitely a serious and solemn one. No Mason should sponsor anyone whom he cannot personally vouch for and if a person is subsequently found to be unfit for membership, it would be deeply embarrassing to the original sponsor.


Once you submit your application your petition will be read at the next meeting of the Lodge. At that time, the Master will arrange a date for an 'Enquiry Committee' to be held.


You and your sponsors will be asked to attend, your sponsors will be quizzed on why they think you’ll be an asset to the Lodge, and you’ll be invited to answer questions put to you and also to ask questions of the members present.


The Enquiry Committee will then report their findings to the Lodge, and a ballot is taken. One of the key elements of Freemasonry is that we all agree on our new members.


This means that your ballot must be accepted unanimously. It should be a source of great pleasure and also pride to you to realize that you have achieved this level of trust by those who will soon call you "Brother".


Following the ballot, you'll be notified of when to appear for your first degree and matters will proceed from there. The period between your initial contact and actually being allowed to enter the Lodge for the first time can be quite a lengthy one.


Don’t be disheartened by this, if something’s worth doing it’s worth doing properly, and we look forward to welcoming you as a Brother - but the first step must be taken by you.


So - if you live within what you'd consider to be a reasonable travelling distance from us and would like to become a member of a first rate lodge, go to the Contact Us page and get in touch. We'll be delighted to arrange to meet up, make your acquaintance, and take things further. See you soon!

Did you search for this site on the internet because you were curious about Freemasonry and wanted to find out more about it?


Maybe someone you know is a Mason and you want to discover something about it to wind him up? (Sorry friend, but you're on the wrong site!)


You might have been told a snippet about an old great-uncle or grandad who was The Master Mason and it would be good to fill in a few gaps in the family history?


Or, more than likely, you somehow found it when you were looking for something completely different, got a little side-tracked, and then became intrigued?


So, for a variety of reasons, you've come to the conclusion that you might be interested in becoming a Freemason.


But what should you do next?


The process is actually quite easy. If you have a friend or acquaintance who you know is a Mason, simply tell them that you’re interested. They'll provide you with the information necessary to proceed, and will 'vouch' for you as a person of good character and worthy of membership. They'll introduce you to some of the lodge office-bearers, provide you with a petition form to complete, and also explain what goes on at their lodge where you'll be welcomed as a member.


Many of those interested in becoming Masons though, don't know who to ask, because they think that they don't know anyone who's a Mason. (They'll probably find out later that several people they know are Masons but they just didn't realise it.)  


Again, the process is not as complicated as it might seem. You can get in touch with a local lodge in your home town by contacting the country’s Grand Lodge, who’ll then send your details to a “Provincial” Grand Lodge - see this page. a PGL can be likened to the district office of a large company, to draw an analogy.


But this isn't like contacting a business.


At a Grand Lodge, you'll find that the employees work regular office hours, while at local level there might not even be a phone in the lodge building and the only time someone’s there is when there’s a scheduled meeting. The internet has made it much easier to make contact though - simply google for a masonic lodge in your town.


Once you've reached the local lodge, your inquiry will generally be referred to the Secretary or the Master. They'll contact you and talk more about your interest.