"That was a good night - I really enjoyed it."

Angus McKinnon - PGLE


"I'm looking forward to my supper and wish you all the best for the coming year."

Ewan Rutherford - PGLE


"May you go from strength to strength"

Maurice Wilson - PGLE


"Brotherly Love's a great wee lodge - I love it."

Jim Gillanders - 1316


"The Brotherly Love Burns Night? Never surpassed!"

Robert Sinclair - 226


"Just go over that bit again, son"

Jimmy Knox - 1428


"You always get the warmest of welcomes."

Roddy Henretty - CLX


"I only need the one prompt, thank you!"

John McQueen - 1428


"Affiliating to 1428 is one of the best things I've done!"

Keith Millar - 1428


"That's no the Tyler's Toast already, is it?"

Kenny Renton - 392


"That's another excellent degree tonight lads, well done."

Ronnie King - 1316


"Mind now - they pies are hot!"

Dougie Sneddon - 151


"I might affiliate next year."

David McNeill - 392


"A very good FC degree followed by a very good harmony."

Ralph Shaw - 48


more to come . . .





2010-01-21 1428 crest black
Caley address

Once a year members and friends from various lodges in Edinburgh get on their bikes and cycle to raise funds for charity! They’re all sponsored by folk in their own lodges, their friends and family - some are even sponsored by their employers. It’s a great day out and a fairly easy way to raise funds.


The cyclists meet at the Edinburgh Masonic Club just off Leith Walk and cycle down to North Berwick - and then all the way back! It’s not as hard as it sounds - it’s mostly quite flat as the route’s not too far from the coastline, apart from the brae just going into Gullane, and it’s under 50 miles in total. This year, those involved managed to raise £3500, with a bit more to still come in - and the amount brought in by the four riders representing 1428 was £940. A marvellous effort by all concerned, I know you'll agree.


Unfortunately, one of our intrepid number parted company with his trusty steed on Portobello High Street, not all that far short of the finishing line. Although he was accompanied by a few others at the time, no-one had the presence of mind to capture the event on camera. Just in case you were wondering what someone doing a cartwheel off a bike looks like, a similar incident is reproduced below for your delectation and delight - and his embarrassment.























The hardy people you can see below were up at the crack of dawn, and some of them even managed to put on a smile for our official photographer at 8.30am on a Sunday morning - although one looks like he's already back in the Land of Nod. Scroll down for a better look.





















Close-ups of our happy participants before setting off, from left to right . . .

Neill Hope (1609), Susan Dundas (885), David Arnot 1609, Alex Keir 1283, Jane Clee (1253), Phil Chester 1253, Willie Gordon 112, Zander Raeburn 112 and Ian Smith 885.
































And here's the rest of them, just itching to get on the road . . .

John Dadds 405, Davie Park 1428, Barri Millar 151, Jim Wells 1291, Bill Thomson 405, Doug Heatlie 1428, Gordon Mavor (1428), David McBride (1428) and Steven Swan 937. The space between Ian Smith and John Dadds must have been a premonition for Lorne Crowe (405) our late arrival who caught up with us at Musselburgh and boosted our number to 19.


























The folk who took part are a team of volunteers made up of Masons and others, male and female, from both Edinburgh and Midlothian Provinces, and of varying abilities. Some are regulars, others joined in for the first time, some cycle most days, some only once a year just for this run! What brought them all together is that they were all delighted to take part on the day to raise much needed funds for this year's charity - St Columba's Hospice.


I think everyone from this year will be up for our next annual jaunt along the coast, and if you'd like to take part in the 2013 run which will be on Sunday 18th August, simply get in touch with any of the Masons on this page if you know them, or use the Contact Page on this site and we'll give you full details of how to join in - and also have a great day out at the same time!


2012-08-26 Starting Line-Up L

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Are you interested in finding out a bit more about the next run in August 2013?

Click here and all will be revealed!