"That was a good night - I really enjoyed it."

Angus McKinnon - PGLE


"I'm looking forward to my supper and wish you all the best for the coming year."

Ewan Rutherford - PGLE


"May you go from strength to strength"

Maurice Wilson - PGLE


"Brotherly Love's a great wee lodge - I love it."

Jim Gillanders - 1316


"The Brotherly Love Burns Night? Never surpassed!"

Robert Sinclair - 226


"Just go over that bit again, son"

Jimmy Knox - 1428


"You always get the warmest of welcomes."

Roddy Henretty - CLX


"I only need the one prompt, thank you!"

John McQueen - 1428


"Affiliating to 1428 is one of the best things I've done!"

Keith Millar - 1428


"That's no the Tyler's Toast already, is it?"

Kenny Renton - 392


"That's another excellent degree tonight lads, well done."

Ronnie King - 1316


"Mind now - they pies are hot!"

Dougie Sneddon - 151


"I might affiliate next year."

David McNeill - 392


"A very good FC degree followed by a very good harmony."

Ralph Shaw - 48


more to come . . .





2010-01-21 1428 crest black
Caley address

RWM's Mother Lodge 169 visits 1428 - 4th April 2012

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On Wednesday 4th April 2012, a deputation from Lodge Stivenstoune Thistle and Rose No 169, headed by their RWM Bro Stewart Gray, was received into the Lodge of Brotherly Love.  And what’s so great about that, you may ask? Well, apart from their 21 brethren being the largest Dep we’ve welcomed into 1428 for a wee while, this is the Lodge that our Right Worshipful Master Bro Bob Mitchell was initiated into, and so you can understand why he was justifiably very proud to receive such support from his Mother Lodge.  


Attending with the deputation was Bro Jimmy Cairns, a very influential person in our RWM’s Masonic career, being the very man who proposed him into the Craft in the first place - and he's also the RWM of 169's father-in-law. At the conclusion of the degree our Bro Bob asked for Bro Jimmy Cairns to be presented to him, greeted a bemused and surprised Bro Jimmy on the floor of the Lodge, told all present in great detail how he acknowledged his debt of gratitude to Bro Jimmy, and then escorted him to a seat in the East.


During the course of the evening the Lodge passed Bro Craig Chandler to the second or Fellow Craft degree, which is very different in form from that worked in Lodge 169, the Brethren visiting were impressed by the floor work and many commented on how much they enjoyed the degree.

Below are some photos taken on the night. Click on whichever image takes your fancy to enlarge it. Click anywhere else on the page, or on the small square in the top right corner of the pic itself, it'll disappear and you can select another.







1  The Deputation from Lodge Stivenstoune Thistle and Rose No 169, headed by their RWM Bro Stewart Gray.

2  Bro Stewart Gray RWM169 - Bro Bob Mitchell RWM1428 - Bro George Reid IPM169

3  Bro Angus McNeil DM169 - RWM1428 - Bro Jimmy Cairns MM169 - RWM 169

4  RWM169 - Bro Angus McKinnon RWSPGM - RWM1428

At the completion of the degree we retired to our harmony hall upstairs, where Lodge hospitality was naturally extended to our visitors. As the Provincial Grand Lodge of Edinburgh, headed by WSPGM Bro Angus McKinnon, were also present at Morningside Drive to give 1428 a clear docket during the course of conducting their annual visitation, a formal harmony was undertaken. This again was very different in form from that conducted in Lodge 169 and the brethren from Ayrshire very much enjoyed HM Bro Dougie Sneddon’s fare, especially his spicy “Dougiestrone” soup and chicken curry, also our method of proposing and honouring toasts. RWM Bro Stewart Gray replied on behalf of the visitors, and, to mark the visit, presented our RWM and also the WSPGM with tokens produced by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire. Bro Bob responded by presenting Bro Stewart with some Lodge Hospitality for the return journey to Ayrshire, which was met with rapturous applause from our visiting brethren from the West.


All who attended agreed that it was a very successful evening and on more than one occasion it was mentioned that a trip to Lodge Stivenstoune Thistle and Rose No 169 must be arranged as soon as possible.

"It was a pleasure to lead such a fine Deputation into Brotherly Love that evening, for many it was their first visit to Edinburgh. We hope we done Bob proud. We look forward to spending time with our new friends at Brotherly Love in the near future."