"That was a good night - I really enjoyed it."

Angus McKinnon - PGLE


"I'm looking forward to my supper and wish you all the best for the coming year."

Ewan Rutherford - PGLE


"May you go from strength to strength"

Maurice Wilson - PGLE


"Brotherly Love's a great wee lodge - I love it."

Jim Gillanders - 1316


"The Brotherly Love Burns Night? Never surpassed!"

Robert Sinclair - 226


"Just go over that bit again, son"

Jimmy Knox - 1428


"You always get the warmest of welcomes."

Roddy Henretty - CLX


"I only need the one prompt, thank you!"

John McQueen - 1428


"Affiliating to 1428 is one of the best things I've done!"

Keith Millar - 1428


"That's no the Tyler's Toast already, is it?"

Kenny Renton - 392


"That's another excellent degree tonight lads, well done."

Ronnie King - 1316


"Mind now - they pies are hot!"

Dougie Sneddon - 151


"I might affiliate next year."

David McNeill - 392


"A very good FC degree followed by a very good harmony."

Ralph Shaw - 48


more to come . . .





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Here's some handy event information for you, but you should get yourself over to our new facebook group to see how to set up your VirginMoneyGiving page, sign up for the run, print off as many Sponsor Forms as you need, find out about our charity, MND Scotland, and find out what might be happening due to Covid-19 . . . https://www.facebook.com/groups/739517410192328/



For 2020 it’s on Sunday 2nd August, and the first batch of cyclists leave at 10.00am.



We set off from the Scotmid car park in The Loan, South Queensferry. MND Scotland will have a gazebo for signing-in, it'll be at the top left corner of the car park, so look out for that.



We cycle along main roads which are fairly quiet on a Sunday and also National Cycle Network 76 in parts, heading north over the Forth Road Bridge, then west via Culross to Kincardine where we have our scheduled stop at Lodge St. John Tulliallan No598 for a short break from the cycling if you need it, and also a comfort break. For the second half we venture south over the Kincardine Bridge, then east towards Grangemouth and Bo'ness to finish back at South Queensferry. It’s not as hard as it sounds - it’s fairly flat as the route isn't too far from the coastline, but there are some hilly bits.



To allay any fears you might have over some scurrilous rumours that are going about, the round trip is NOT fifty-something miles! Here's an idea of the route we take, which shows that it's only 38.2 miles if there are no diversions, (the finalised routes will be posted a couple of weeks before the run) but you can tell the folk who sponsor you that it’s 40-ish miles ;o)



Anyone can take part if you fall within these fairly easy parameters - you can be male or female, and aged 12yrs and over.  Any 12-17yr old entrants must bring a participating adult.



Because it’s for Charridy mate, and six provinces are mucking in together for a terrific cause. It’s a great half-day out, and a fairly easy way to raise funds. If you’re vaguely fit, i.e., you can manage a round of golf without using a buggy, and also know that your handlebars are supposed to be at the front, it’ll be a doddle. The funds raised will be for Motor Neurone Disease Scotland - our Provincial Grand Lodge's nominated charity.



Well, it’s BYOB(ike) of course, but you can rope in as many family members or friends as you can for moral support. There’s been wives, kids, cousins, nieces and nephews in the past - just make sure they all complete an entry form!


Amble along at a leisurely pace, stop as often as you want, or go at it heid-doon-and-nae-nonsense, it’s entirely up to you.



You're right - it's not! As mentioned earlier, it's an easy way to raise funds and you go at your own pace. If you don't usually ride 40-ish miles you won't need to try and keep up with any folk who are vanishing into the distance. There will be three groups who'll set off at 15-20 minute intervals - first will be for anyone who hasn't brought a road bike, or who hasn't done anything like this before and isn't too sure of how they'll do. The last group will be for folk who fancy their chances on our Tour de Forth, so they'll be 30-40 minutes behind the starters, while the middle bunch will be everyone else. There's no pressure, you decide which group you'd like to set off with.



This year it's anti-clockwise - AND you have a choice of routes for the last 10 miles! Last year's new section through the Dalmeny estate and along the coast to Bo'ness proved very popular, but as it's on NCN76 and the John Muir Way our motorised support will be staying on the main road. If you do the same you'll shave off a massive 0.2 of a mile, tempered by an extra 10% of climbing in the last quarter of the run.



Not many - you wear a helmet, you set up a VirginMoneyGiving page for your donations, and you download the route to a smartphone or bike computer. That saves us having to put up route-markers the day before and then having to take them down the day after!



Excellent! To set up your Personal Challenge on VirginMoneyGiving, simply go to the Files section in our Facebook group, then complete the Entry Form and we'll take it from there. A VMG page allows your sponsors to donate online, or even by text from their mobile phone!  The advantages of using this process are that there's no faffing about with bags of cash and bundles of cheques on the day, we're not having to badger folk who forgot to bring the money along, we don't need to chase after fly-away sponsor forms, and, most importantly - Motor Neurone Disease Scotland receives an additional 25% on top of what you raise in a claw back from HMRC.


If you’d prefer MND Scotland and/or VirginMoneyGiving not to hold on to your personal stuff, simply ask MNDS to take your details off their system or delete your VMG account after the run.



That's very nice of you, and greatly appreciated.

By the time of the run, most things which could be needed will be covered. We have an offer of a couple of broom busses, but if you know someone who'd like to come along as a backup vehicle and follow the cyclists with some vociferous support, that would be wonderful. 

Most folk will be bringing their own drinks and snacks, but electrolyte tabs to enhance any drinks, energy bars for before or during the run, along with protein recovery mix for when the run's finished (to help soothe any achey muscles which might occur the next morning) are there for you courtesy of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Edinburgh.

We'll have First Aiders with us  - it's more than likely that the guys and their gear won't be needed, but they'll be there just in case!

You've got a decent camera and you're bringing it with you? That's excellent - the more photos to look at afterwards the better.

And there is talk of some food for when we finish too!

If you can think of anything else which would be good for our event, please let us know - we'd be delighted to hear your suggestions.

Get on over to the facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/groups/739517410192328 join it, give it a like, and tell all your friends to do the same!



Any aches and pains putting you off? Now you've no excuse - get yourself along to www.bowenedinburgh.co.uk and Pamela Stirling will help you get back on the bike!



Once you've said you're going - you're going! But we know that "things" happen - so if something crops up we have a mini-run two or three weeks after the main event for folk who can't make the day itself for whatever reason.



Need to borrow a bicycle for the run? You’ll be much better off getting a loan of a road bike - as opposed to a mountain bike with suspension or similar, which are heavier so don’t go as fast for the same effort, and have different (not so good as a "racer") gearing. A hybrid could be ok, but we're on fairly good tarmac roads or bike tracks which are ok for road bikes, and there’s a reason why what you should be riding is called a “road” bike! Or, you could visit The Bike Station in Edinburgh, which is an admirable charity to support, and get a bike from them.



If you keep within sight of other cyclists you shouldn't, but we definitely recommend downloading the RideWithGPS app https://ridewithgps.com/app and then the route https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29220175 to your smartphone. If you then check out http://tinyurl.com/zztpcmr or http://tinyurl.com/gldcenk for handlebar brackets - you'll have every twist and turn conquered!  Of course, if you have a GPS-enabled bike computer, you can also download a .TCX or .GPX file to your bike computer.



Unlike some "Charity" events, we have no entrance fee and also no minimum amount - everything raised goes straight to MNDS and no costs are taken off, as our wonderfully magnanimous cycle run sponsors cover our minimal expenses. In fact, the folk donating for your efforts can attract another 25% if they qualify for GiftAid and simply tick a box when they donate online.


SPONSOR FORMS                                            

You can download a sponsor form from the new Facebook group. You don't need to bring your forms and any cash donations with you on the day, just add what's on the sheet to your VirginMoneyGiving page.  There are directions on how to set that up in the OK, I'M UP FOR IT - WHAT NEXT? section further up this page.



Our minders on the road will be the Stolen Souls - a great bunch of Masons who are also into big motorbikes. Some of them even have sound systems on their bikes - you'll love them.



The rain was warm, everyone had a great time, and we managed to raise the fantastic sum of £12,504.86 - well done to all concerned! We have some photos of the day for you over on Facebook.


Well, that’s it. Remember to check over your trusty steed at least a week in advance just in case something does need fixed, make sure you have a nourishing, but light, breakfast - and bring your best smile for the photo-calls :o)


Enjoy the day!



Helpful Hints, Tips, and Just General Stuff

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